“A solution for demolition and rock work”.

A hydraulic rock breaker (BRH) is an accessory used for demolishing pavements and sidewalks, and hard, compact materials such as concrete, granite and rock.

Also known as a hydraulic jackhammer, it is generally used to prepare surfaces and create holes and fissures for drainage and mining purposes, among others.

1016 € EXCL. TAX

1219.20 € INCL. VAT

Delivery anywhere in France Leite mini shovel

Delivery anywhere in France

We deliver your mini excavator to your home or worksite

2-year warranty

We back our machines with a 2-year warranty and a 10-year parts availability guarantee.

Our parts and mini-excavators are stocked in France

parts stocked in france

our store is located in the Toulouse region.

24h delivery for mini excavators

parts in stock dispatched within 24 hours

Made-to-order parts are delivered within 10 days


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