Discover our full range of accessories to optimize the use of your LEITE Mini Excavator.

Mini excavator accessories

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Leite mini excavator accessory: Combine quality, performance and accessibility with Leite Europa

As preferred importers of the Chinese Leite brand, we at Leite Europa make it our duty to supply our customers with top-quality equipment. Leite is renowned for its robust, reliable products offering excellent value for money. From design to production, the brand is committed to offering high-performance mini-excavator accessories that maximize the efficiency of your machines. Our range of accessories for Leite mini-excavators includes a variety of earthmoving and digging buckets, augers, rippers, BRHs, rakes, wood grapples and quick hitches.

Imported with care and expertise, each piece in our Leite accessories collection undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure that it meets our high standards and your expectations. The Leite mini excavator accessory combines performance, durability and affordability, making the brand ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of their investment.

Leite’s mini-excavator accessories are specifically designed to withstand the toughest jobsite conditions, while ensuring optimum performance. The Leite brand proves that quality and reliability don’t have to be expensive. So, whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, you can be sure of finding the right mini excavator accessory for your needs and budget at Leite Europa.

Leite’s commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in every mini excavator accessory it produces. And at Leite Europa, we’re proud to bring you these exceptional products. With us, you can expect first-class customer service, quality products and excellent value for money.

Discover our complete range of accessories for Leite mini-excavators and let us help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your operations. When you choose Leite Europa, you’re choosing a company that cares about your needs and is committed to providing you with top-quality solutions for your mini excavator.

Earth-moving buckets

Our earthmoving buckets come in three main sizes: 20 cm, 40 cm and 60 cm. These buckets, also known as “digging buckets”, are specially designed to dig and extract materials from the ground with great precision. Our wide range of sizes means we can adapt to any type of site, from small jobs to large-scale earthmoving operations.

Cleaning buckets

Our cleaning buckets, available in 80 cm and 100 cm sizes, are the ideal mini-excavator accessory for finishing, levelling and cleaning ditches. Their flat shape and wide opening enable them to cover a large area in a single pass, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The Rake

Our rake is the perfect tool for cleaning and preparing your site. It makes it easy to pick up and move debris, branches and other materials around your property.

Quick fastener

Last but not least, our quick-release clip offers a simple and effective solution for quickly changing mini shovel accessories. It optimizes the versatility of your mini-excavator, allowing you to switch from one task to another in the blink of an eye, improving productivity on the job site.

Auger with drill pipe

The auger, sometimes referred to as a “drill”, is an essential mini-excavator accessory for drilling jobs. With its drill rod, it is capable of drilling precise, deep holes in different types of soil, whether for installing poles, foundations or planting trees.

The Ripper

The ripper, also known as the “ripping tooth”, is the perfect tool for uprooting trees, moving rocks or breaking up hard surfaces. Its robust design and sharp tip guarantee exceptional performance even in the most demanding conditions.


The BRH, or Hydraulic Rock Breaker, is a mini-excavator attachment designed for demolishing concrete, stone and other hard materials. Its exceptional power enables it to perform demolition tasks with unrivalled efficiency.

The wood clamp

Our log grapple is designed for handling, loading and unloading logs. It ensures fast, safe working, ideal for the forestry industry.

Choosing Leite Europa means choosing quality and profitability

At Leite Europa, we understand that every construction project is unique and requires specific tools. That’s why we’re committed to providing a diverse range of top-quality mini excavator accessories to meet your every need. Our accessories are made from tough, durable materials to ensure long-lasting service, even in the toughest working conditions.

All our mini-excavator accessories are designed to enhance the performance of your equipment and make your work easier. Their ergonomic design ensures easy handling and comfortable operation, while their efficiency helps you get the job done faster and more easily.

Every mini-excavator accessory we offer is the fruit of intensive research and development, to bring you the most advanced, high-performance tools on the market. We’re also committed to providing exceptional after-sales service to help you get the most out of your accessories.

In short, choosing Leite Europa for your mini excavator accessory means opting for quality, performance and efficiency. Come and discover our complete range and let us help you maximize the productivity of your mini excavator.

When you choose Leite Europa, you’re choosing a company that cares about your needs and is committed to providing you with top-quality solutions for your mini excavator. So go ahead, trust Leite Europa for all your mini excavator accessory needs.

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