“Explore the power of excavation with the Leite Excavator Arm”

Boost the versatility of your Leite LTH380 mini loader with our Shovel Arm with Earthwork Bucket. This tool transforms your loader into a real excavating machine, ready to take on all your earthmoving jobs with unrivalled efficiency and precision.

Effortless, precise excavation

The Leite Excavator Arm, with its robust earthmoving bucket, offers exceptional performance for all your excavation needs. Whether you’re digging trenches, levelling ground or moving large volumes of earth, this tool offers unrivalled precision and power.

Quick installation and intuitive operation

Our Shovel Arm with Earthwork Bucket, designed specifically for the Leite LTH380 mini loader, is as easy to install as it is to use. Its intuitive operation enables even the most inexperienced users to perform excavation work with professional precision.

Durability and safety for uninterrupted performance

At Leite France, we put the durability of our products and the safety of our customers first. That’s why our Excavator Arm with Earthwork Bucket has been designed to withstand the most demanding excavation conditions, while guaranteeing operator safety.

Versatility for a multitude of applications

Whether you’re a building contractor, landscaper or farmer, our Excavator Arm with Earthwork Bucket is the right tool for all your earthwork needs. Its sturdy design and exceptional flexibility make it an essential choice for a multitude of projects.

Experience the power of the Leite Shovel Arm

Make your excavation work easier and more efficient with the Leite LTH380 Excavator Arm with Earthwork Bucket for mini-loaders. Don’t let earthworks slow you down, choose the Leite solution.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to help you maximize the efficiency of your mini-loader with our Excavator Arm with Earthwork Bucket.

Shovel arm with bucket
Shovel arm with bucket

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1,382.40 INCL. VAT