“Revolutionize your outdoor work with the Leite Stump Grinder for the LTH380 Mini Loader”

Take control of your outdoor space and say goodbye to old, unwanted stumps! Leite France is proud to present our stump grinder, specially designed for use with the LTH380 Mini Charger. This powerful and efficient tool will rid your property of these annoying obstacles in no time.

The tool of choice for precision work

The Leite stump grinder is your secret weapon for keeping your yard clean and safe. Equipped with sturdy blades and a powerful motor, it can effortlessly shred all stumps, whatever their size or age. The combined precision and power of our stump grinder allow you to achieve high-quality work quickly and effortlessly.

Easy installation and intuitive operation

Perfectly matched to the LTH380 Mini Charger, our stump grinder is easy to install and use. Intuitive design and easy control ensure optimum operation, even in the most complex situations.

Guaranteed safety and durability

Safety and durability are at the heart of all Leite France products. That’s why our stump grinder has been designed to withstand the toughest conditions, while guaranteeing operator safety. Its sturdiness and reliability make it a long-lasting investment for all your outdoor work.

Unrivalled versatility

Whether you’re a landscaper, building contractor, farmer or owner of a large property, our stump grinder is the ideal tool for keeping your land clean and safe. It is effective on all types of terrain and for all stump sizes.

A sound investment for efficient work

The Leite LTH380 Mini Loader Stump Grinder is more than just a tool, it’s an investment in the efficiency of your work. With it, you can make your outdoor space safer and more welcoming, increase the value of your property and save time and energy.

Contact us today to find out more about this incredible machine. The Leite France team is ready to help you get the most out of your LTH380 Mini Charger with our Stump Grinder.

2188 € EXCL. TAX

2625.60 € INC VAT