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“Tilt bucket: Precision for your work”.

Known by various names – tilting bucket, pivoting bucket, tilting bucket, rotating bucket, articulated bucket, variable-tilt bucket, adjustable-tilt bucket, multidirectional bucket, side-moving bucket or adjustable-pivoting bucket – the TILT” swivel bucket Leite is a Leite construction equipment accessory designed to maximize the precision, flexibility and efficiency of excavation work. Specially adapted for our Leite mini-excavators, the TILT bucket offers unprecedented synergy and adaptability in the field.

Main features :

Integrated designSpecially designed to be compatible with Leite mini-excavators, the TILT” swivel bucket swivel bucket ensures hassle-free installation and optimum performance.

Movement flexibility: Our TILT” steerable bucket can tilt sideways up to 30° on either side, making excavation, levelling and earthmoving easier, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Robust constructionMade from high-quality steels, it promises unrivalled durability and strength.


Precision at the Heart of Your Projects with the Tilt Bucket

Applications :

  • Precise excavation around obstacles such as pipes or foundations.
  • Levelling and earthworks on uneven or sloping ground.
  • Landscaping work requiring the precision of a “TILT” steerable bucket.
  • Creation of trenches or ditches with a specific gradient.

Technical specifications :

  • Width: 80cm.
  • Capacity: 0.35 m³.
  • Tilt angle: up to 30° left and right.
  • Material: High-strength steel.
  • Compatibility: Designed exclusively for Leite mini-excavators.

The Leite “TILT” steerable bucket is the ideal solution for professionals using our Leite mini-excavators. Its tailor-made design ensures perfect compatibility while delivering exceptional excavation and earthmoving performance. For those seeking the very best in efficiency and durability, the “TILT” Steerable Bucket is the obvious choice.