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“The essential ally for all your concreting projects.”

Make your concreting operations simpler and more efficient with our LTH380 Leite mini-loader concrete mixer. Designed for maximum performance, this robust, easy-to-use concrete mixer is the right tool for all your construction and renovation projects.

Features :

  • Compatibility: Adapted effortlessly to your LTH380 Leite mini loader, our Concrete Mixer transforms your equipment into a mobile concrete batch plant, making concreting operations more flexible and accessible.

  • Performance: With optimal mixing capacity and precise discharge control, this concrete mixer ensures uniform mixing and controlled discharge for high-quality results.

The advantages of our Concrete Mixer:

  • Increased efficiency: Save time and energy with our Concrete Mixer. Its functional design makes it easy to load materials and mix them quickly and evenly.

  • Flexibility: Our Concrete Mixer enables you to produce fresh concrete on demand, wherever you are on your site, reducing waste and improving the efficiency of your operations.

  • Savings: By converting your LTH380 Leite mini-loader into a mobile concrete mixer, you avoid the costs associated with renting or buying a dedicated concrete mixer.


Increase the productivity and quality of your concreting work with our LTH380 Leite mini-loader concrete mixer. Easy to use and exceptionally efficient, this concrete mixer offers you the very best in performance and profitability. Trust our Concrete Mixer to help you complete your construction projects more efficiently and professionally.

Mini loader concrete mixer LEITE FRANCE LTH380
Mini loader concrete mixer LEITE FRANCE LTH380