Mini Gondola LTD O5A


5852  excl Tax

Intracommunity VAT

Operating weight: 500 kg

Bucket capacity: 0.15 m3

Power: 12 KWH

Engine : Briggs & Stratton Petrol

Speed: 5 Km/h

“Handy and strong”

The LTD05A mini dumper from Leite France is a versatile, high-performance tool for transporting heavy loads in confined spaces. With 12kWh of power, this dumper is capable of transporting loads of up to 500 kg with disconcerting ease.

The LTD05A is track-mounted, enabling it to operate on rough, hard-to-reach terrain. The tracks provide optimum grip, ensuring the dumper’s stability on the move.

The LTD05A’s lifting system is fully hydraulic, ensuring smooth, precise movement. This makes loading and unloading materials much easier, while guaranteeing operator safety.

This mini dumper is ideal for construction, earthmoving, gardening and landscaping work. It’s easy to use and maintain, and its robust design ensures long-term durability.

The LTD05A mini dumper from Leite France is an efficient, powerful and reliable work tool that makes transporting materials on building sites and difficult terrain much easier.

Product performance

Hydraulic oil cooler

The cooler with a larger surface area in the same class is suitable for long-term, high-intensity hydraulic work.


Easy maintenance

Wide-angle opening and closing motor hood. The hood can be opened for inspection and daily maintenance.

LTD05A mini dumper technical sheet
LTD05A mini dumper technical sheet

Operating weight

Machine weight

Car box size (L*W*H)

Motor type




500 kg
430 kg/270kg
1000*700*450 mm
Gasoline engine
13.6 HP/9.6 HP
5 km/h