Earthmoving Pack for CL12 & CL18 LEITE Mini Excavators

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Price Earthworks pack
471  excl Tax Pack Mini Excavator CL12 manual attachment
565  excl Tax Pack Mini Excavator CL12 Semi-automatic attachment
488  excl Tax Pack Mini Excavator CL18 manual attachment
583  excl Tax Pack Mini Pelle CL18 semi-automatic attachment

Enhance the versatility and autonomy of your mini-excavators with our Leite earthmoving packages, designed to efficiently handle a wide range of main jobs.

Maximized versatility and autonomy Our earthmoving packages are designed to enable you to carry out a multitude of tasks independently. Whether for precision work such as digging narrow trenches, or for larger tasks such as levelling and cleaning, these packs transform your mini excavator into a versatile tool, capable of adapting to different types of jobsite.

Earthworks pack for CL12 Mini Excavator:

  • 20 cm Earthwork bucket: Ideal for precise work, such as creating small foundations or trenches.
  • 100 cm Cleaning Bucket: Perfect for cleaning and levelling, making your mini excavator suitable for larger jobs.
  • Manual Quick Coupler: makes it easy to change accessories quickly, increasing autonomy and reducing downtime.

Earthworks pack for CL18 Mini Excavator:

  • 20 cm Earthwork Bucket: Ideal for a multitude of earthwork tasks.
  • Expanded 120 cm cleaning bucket: Increases cleaning and levelling capacity, perfect for large worksites.
  • Manual Quick Coupler: Optimizes working time by facilitating rapid changeover between different buckets.
Earthwork bucket for LEITE mini excavator
Leite cleaning bucket
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