Rotavator / Rotary harrow

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“The ideal companion to revolutionize your soil preparation work”.

Turn your Leite LTH380 mini-loader into a powerful ploughing machine with our adaptable rotavator. The perfect marriage of ruggedness, performance and durability, this rotavator is designed to go further, work harder and last longer, giving you unrivalled versatility in all your soil preparation work.

Features :

  • Easy assembly: no need to waste time on complex installations! Our rotavator adapts quickly and easily to your LTH380 mini-loader.

  • A titan’s work: thanks to its solid, razor-sharp blades, the rotavator penetrates the soil at various depths with implacable precision, leaving behind a perfectly prepared terrain for seeding or planting.

  • Tough as nails: Made from quality materials, this rotavator is a safe investment for a long time to come. It’s designed to survive the toughest conditions and keep working like new.

  • Tailored to your needs: With 3-step depth adjustment, you have perfect control over soil preparation. Whether for a landscape garden, planting crops, a sports field or clearing land, the rotavator can be adapted to your needs.

The promise of our rotavator:

  • Considerable time savings: Say goodbye to long hours of manual labor. The rotavator prepares the ground quickly, giving you more time to concentrate on other important tasks.

  • Exceptional performance: Uniform, precise soil preparation is the key to a prosperous harvest or landscape. The rotavator ensures work of unrivalled quality.

  • Save money: Why invest in expensive machines when you can get the most out of your existing LTH380 mini-loader? Our rotavator is an economical solution for your ground preparation work.

The Leite LTH380 mini-loader rotavator is the key to boosting your productivity and maximizing the efficiency of your soil preparation work. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – opt for our rotavator and prepare to be impressed by the power and performance it brings to your LTH380 Leite mini-charger.