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“A versatile tool for precision work”.

Introducing our Stone Collector Bucket, specially designed for the LTH380 Leite mini-loader. This bucket, also known as a clamshell bucket or skeleton bucket, is the optimum solution for all your activities requiring the collection, screening or separation of stones.

Features :

  • Compatibility: Adaptable to the LTH380 Leite mini-loader, our Stone Collector Bucket is an essential complement for a multitude of tasks.

  • Sieving efficiency: Its clamshell design, combined with sturdy tines, gives it an exceptional capacity to sift soil, effectively separating and collecting stones.

  • Resilience: Built with durable, long-lasting materials, our Stone Collector Bucket is a long-term investment for all your projects requiring stone management.

The commitment of our Stone Collector Bucket:

  • Versatility: In addition to stone removal, it’s equally effective for other applications such as potato collection, beach cleaning and more.

  • Optimized productivity: Thanks to its high collection capacity and sieving efficiency, the Stone Collector Bucket is the ideal tool for optimizing your output.

  • Cost-efficiency: By adding our Stone Collector Bucket to your LTH380 Leite mini-loader, you maximize its use, avoiding unnecessary expenditure on specialized equipment.

The Stone Collector Bucket for the LTH380 Leite mini-loader is an innovative solution for efficient stone management. Its versatility, durability and superior efficiency make it the preferred choice for optimizing your productivity. With our Stone Collector Bucket, stone collection becomes a simple, efficient and cost-effective task.

Stone bucket
Stone bucket