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“Your solution for impeccable cleanliness”.

Enhance the capabilities of your LTH380 Leite mini-loader with our adaptable road sweeper. This sweeper is designed to efficiently remove dirt, debris and other unwanted materials from your roads and driveways. Robust, powerful and easy to use, our road sweeper is your secret weapon for keeping all your work areas perfectly clean.

Features :

  • Quick installation: Our road sweeper easily attaches to your LTH380 Leite mini-loader, allowing you to switch to cleaning mode in no time.

  • Performance: Thanks to its large, robust brush, this sweeper can cover a large area in a single pass, guaranteeing impeccable cleanliness.

  • Durability: Made from high-quality materials, our road sweeper is designed to withstand intensive, long-term use.

  • Flexible adjustment: Brush pressure can be adjusted to suit specific cleaning needs, for more effective, customized cleaning.

The promise of our road sweeper:

  • Efficiency: Our road sweeper is designed to clean all kinds of surfaces quickly and efficiently, leaving you more time to concentrate on other important tasks.

  • Quality: When using our road sweeper, you can expect an exceptional level of cleanliness, improving the appearance and safety of your work areas.

  • Savings: By adapting our road sweeper to your existing LTH380 Leite mini-loader, you’ll make substantial savings compared to purchasing dedicated cleaning equipment.

Our LTH380 Leite mini-loader road sweeper is the ideal tool for keeping your roads and driveways impeccably clean. Its easy installation, performance and durability make it a valuable addition to your equipment. Choose our road sweeper and discover a new standard of cleanliness!

Mini loader road sweeper
Mini loader road sweeper