CL30-4 tractor


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Type: 4×4 wheeled tractor

Operating weight: 1500 Kg

Engine: 4L22 (Vertical, 4-cylinder, water-cooled, 4-stroke)

Power: 25.7 Kw (30 HP)

Fuel: Diesel

Transmission: 8V+2R

Speed: 0-32 Km/h

Additional equipment: Ballast (Front/Rear)

“Your agricultural and landscaping partner

CL30-4 tractor: The Perfect Alliance of Advanced Technology and Robustness

When it comes to farm machinery, choosing the right equipment is crucial. The CL30-4 tractor is designed for those seeking perfection in performance, durability and efficiency. Let us guide you through the exceptional features of this extraordinary machine.

Robust design for unrivalled performance

The CL30-4 is a tractor with 4×4 wheels, guaranteeing optimum traction and manoeuvrability even in the toughest conditions. Its robust design is reinforced by an operating weight of 1500 kg, offering flawless stability for all your work, whether ploughing, seeding or transporting.

Engine: The Powerful Heart of the CL30-4

At the heart of this mechanical beast is the 4L22 engine. Vertical, 4-cylinder, water-cooled, this 4-stroke engine guarantees efficient combustion and maximum performance. With an impressive power output of 25.7 Kw, or 30 HP, the CL30-4 is ready to take on any challenge, from the gentlest to the roughest terrain.

Transmission and Handling

The transmission is a key component of any tractor, and the CL30-4 is no exception. With its 8V+2R transmission, it offers a range of speeds suitable for a variety of tasks. Whether you need speed for transport or control for ploughing, the CL30-4 is up to the task.

Diesel economy and efficiency

Fuel choice is essential for performance and economy. The CL30-4 runs on diesel, a fuel known for its efficient combustion and durability. By choosing diesel, you benefit not only from a powerful machine, but also from substantial fuel savings.

Dimensions and adaptability

The CL30-4’s dimensions have been carefully designed to offer the best balance between size and performance. With a length of 3,060 mm, a width of 1,380 mm and a height of 1,440 mm, it is compact yet offers the space needed for a comfortable cab and easy access to key components. The 320 mm ground clearance ensures that the tractor can navigate rough terrain without risk of damage.

Additional equipment for enhanced performance

The CL30-4 is also equipped with front and rear ballasts. These additional weights enhance the tractor’s stability, especially when working with high tractive force.

Conclusion: The CL30-4, Your Ideal Partner

In conclusion, the CL30-4 tractor is much more than just a machine. It’s a reliable partner, built to last and deliver outstanding performance day after day. Every feature, every component has been carefully thought out to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals.

Whether you’re an experienced farmer, construction contractor or machinery enthusiast, the CL30-4 is the ideal choice. With its combination of power, durability and efficiency, it’s ready to transform the way you work.

Don’t wait any longer and discover the CL30-4, the tractor that’s redefining industry standards. Visit our website for more information and to find out how the CL30-4 can revolutionize your daily work.

Caractéristiques techniques Tracteur CL30-4



Operating weight


4x4 wheeled tractor
1500 Kg

Length (to front ballast)


Height (to exhaust vent)

Roller conveyor (Front/Rear)

Axle base

Ground clearance


3060 mm
1380 mm
1440 mm
1100 mm / 1200 mm
1559 mm
320 mm



Engine speed


Tires (Front/Rear)




Power take-off (PTO)


Ballast (Front/Rear)

Technical specifications

4L22 (Vertical, 4 cylinders, water-cooled, 4-stroke)
25.7 Kw (30 HP)
2350 r/min
6.00-16 / 9.50-24
Post-positioned, three-point hydraulic
Semi-indented, 720 rpm, spline rectangle F35 (6 teeth)
24-month parts warranty: Peace of mind with a full 24-month warranty.

Optimum performance: powerful 25.7 Kw motor for unrivalled performance.

Fuel economy: Efficient diesel combustion for significant savings.

Additional equipment includes: Front and rear ballasts for maximum stability.

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