“A versatile ally in agriculture

Pallet Fork : The lightweight agricultural tool for precise handling

Discover our pallet fork, specially designed for light agricultural work. With a length of 1,100 mm and a width of 100 mm, it is ideal for handling loads of up to 320 kg.

Technical specifications :

  • Fork length: 1,100 mm
  • Fork width: 100 mm
  • Maximum load: 320 kg

Common uses :

  1. Handling straw or hay bales: makes it easy to move several small bales or one large one.
  2. Transporting sacks of grain or feed: Ideal for moving heavy sacks in complete safety.
  3. Moving building materials: Useful for transporting bags of cement, bricks or beams.
  4. Loading and unloading goods: Perfect for managing pallets of products or materials.
  5. Fruit or vegetable transfer: Helps move crates or pallets of harvested produce.
  6. Waste management: Facilitates the movement and management of agricultural waste.
  7. Equipment installation : Handy for moving and installing pallet-mounted equipment.

Important note: It is essential to remind customers that this pallet fork, together with the tractor’s front loader, is designed for light agricultural work only. They are not industrial machines and should not be used as such, to ensure the safety and longevity of the equipment.

Accessory to be connected to the hydraulic arm: 3440€ HT

680 € EXCL. TAX

Intracommunity VAT