Operating weight: 890 kg

Maximum lifting weight: 375 kg

Bucket capacity: 0.15 m3

Power: 23HP

Load capacity: 200Kg

Engine: twin-cylinder (EU5) RATO R740D

Speed: 0-6 Km/h


“The ultimate all-rounder for all your jobs”.

In the modern industrial world, the need for versatile, high-performance equipment is paramount. Leite’s LTH380W mini loader is the answer, offering an unrivalled combination of power, agility and versatility.

Detailed technical specifications

The LTH380W is the fruit of years of research and development. Every aspect of this machine has been carefully designed to offer the best :

  • Lift height: 2115 mm. This height makes it possible to reach high areas, facilitating the loading and unloading of materials.
  • Lifting capacity: 375 kg. This impressive capacity ensures that the LTH380W can handle heavy loads with ease.
  • Speed: 6 km/h. This speed ensures that tasks are completed quickly, boosting productivity.
  • Gradient: Able to negotiate slopes of up to 30%. This means that the LTH380W is suitable for almost any terrain, whether flat or uneven.

The advantage of tires

Choosing tires for the LTH380W offers several distinct advantages:

  • Handling: Tires offer improved handling, especially on hard or cobbled surfaces. This allows tight turns, essential in confined spaces such as warehouses.

  • Speed: Wheel-mounted models are generally faster on flat surfaces, making them ideal for warehouses and construction sites.

  • Maintenance: Tires are generally easier to maintain and replace than tracks.

  • Adaptability: The tires are ideal for a variety of terrains, from urban construction sites to industrial warehouses.

Diverse applications for LTH380W

The LTH380W is designed for a multitude of applications:

  • Construction: Whether transporting materials, digging or preparing sites, the LTH380W is the ideal tool.

  • Landscaping: The LTH380W makes it easy to level land, create water gardens, plant and maintain green spaces.

  • Logistics: In warehouses, the LTH380W is a major asset. He excels at material handling, moving heavy loads with ease. What’s more, it’s also used for cleaning operations, ensuring that warehouses stay clean and organized.

  • Agriculture: The LTH380W is also invaluable to farmers. It facilitates soil preparation, planting, crop maintenance and the transport of materials.

Accessories and extensions

The LTH380W’s range of accessories is what makes it truly versatile. Every accessory, from the concrete mixer to the snow plough, has been designed to maximize the machine’s capabilities. These accessories enable the LTH380W to adapt to a multitude of tasks, ensuring you always have the right tool for the job.

The Leite LTH380W mini charger is a real revolution in the world of industrial equipment. Its combination of technical features, its adaptability thanks to its tires and its versatility make it an indispensable tool for any modern professional. Whether you’re in construction, logistics, landscaping or agriculture, the LTH380W is designed to help you achieve more, faster and more efficiently.

9120 € EXCL.

10944 €TTC

Technical diagram mini charger LTH380W

Product performance

  • Versatility: Compatible with a wide range of accessories, including the stump grinder, rotavator and 4-in-1 bucket, enabling a multitude of tasks.
  • Efficiency: Designed to maximize productivity, reducing the time and effort required to complete various jobs.
  • Performance in confined spaces: Its compact design allows exceptional maneuverability in confined spaces without sacrificing power.

Easy maintenance

  • Cost-efficiency: Reduce operating and investment costs by consolidating multiple tools into a complete modular system.
  • Comfort and control: intuitive user interface and ergonomic comfort, offering precise control for professional results.
  • Support and Maintenance: backed up by responsive after-sales service and maintenance options, guaranteeing optimum availability and reliability.
Technical data mini charger LTH380W

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