Weight: 400 kg

Bucket capacity: 0.22 m3

Maximum load capacity: 500 Kg

Power: 6.5 HP

Engine: Briggs & Stratton 130G

Start-up: Manual

Speed: 1.7 Km/h (1 gear)


“Carry the essentials, effortlessly.”

When you’re looking for the perfect combination of efficiency, sturdiness and simplicity, the CL-05MS mini dumper from the renowned LEITE brand stands out as the preferred choice. The world of civil engineering, construction and gardening is no stranger to the challenges of moving materials on difficult-to-access or rugged sites. The CL-05MS is the answer to these challenges. This product sheet highlights the uses, benefits and special features of this exceptional equipment.


1. Uses of the CL-05MS mini dumper


The CL-05MS is designed to facilitate the transport of building materials such as sand, gravel, bricks and more. With a maximum load capacity of 500 kg, it is ideal for both small and large jobsites.

Landscaping :

For landscape professionals, transporting soil, compost or stones can be a complex task, especially in areas where the use of larger equipment is not an option. The CL-05MS, with its 0.22 m^3 bucket volume, proves to be the ideal partner.

Agriculture :

Whether moving hay, crops or even farm equipment, the CL-05MS makes handling easy, thanks to its powerful engine and rubber tracks.



2. Notable features

  • Dimensions: With a length of 1517 mm, a width of 870 mm and a height of 1278 mm, the dumper offers a balance between compactness and loading capacity.

  • Manoeuvrability: Its minimum turning radius of 0.95 m combined with a track centre distance of 520 mm makes the CL-05MS particularly agile in tight spaces.

  • Briggs & Stratton engine: Powered by a 6.5 HP (4.8Kw at 3600 rpm), 208 cc engine, this dumper ensures optimum performance on all types of terrain.

  • Multidirectional Control Valve: Equipped with a Northern Hydraulics brand valve, the CL-05MS integrates a series of hydraulic components, offering unrivalled smoothness and reliability when maneuvering.

  • Speed and Capacities: With a travel speed of 1.7 Km/h and the ability to climb slopes of up to 20 degrees, this dumper is cut out for the most demanding terrain.

3540 € EXCL.

4248 €TTC

Distinctions between CL-05MS and CL-05ED

While the two models, CL-05MS and CL-05ED, share a number of impressive features, they also have their own distinctive characteristics to meet different needs.

  • CL-05MS:

    • Manual start: The manual nature of the CL-05MS offers a traditional and proven method of starting the dumper. For those who are accustomed to this starting mode, or who operate in conditions where simplicity is key, the CL-05MS proves to be an ideal choice.
    • Unique speed: Offering stable speed, the CL-05MS is designed to deliver a consistent, predictable user experience, ideal for straightforward, streamlined operations.
  • CL-05ED:

    • Electric and manual starting: The CL-05ED offers greater starting flexibility. The electric starter is perfect for quick and easy start-up, while the manual option is there as a back-up or for those who prefer this mode.
    • 2 speeds: This feature offers users greater adaptability. Whether for a delicate operation requiring a slower speed or to speed up the process, the CL-05ED offers this choice.

Each model has been designed with specific needs in mind. The choice between the two will therefore depend on individual preferences and the requirements of the job in hand.

The CL-05MS mini dumper is more than just a piece of construction equipment. It’s a solution designed for demanding professionals looking for efficiency, durability and ease of use. Every component, from the powerful Briggs & Stratton engine to the sturdy rubber tracks, testifies to LEITE’s commitment to unrivalled quality. Whether you’re a building contractor, landscaper or farmer, the CL-05MS is ready to transform the way you work, making every task easier and more efficient. Embrace the future of materials handling with the CL-05MS mini dumper from LEITE.

  • Optimum handling: minimal turning radius for effortless navigation, even in the tightest spaces.
  • Powerful engine: Equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 6.5 HP engine for reliable, consistent performance in all terrain.
  • Robust capacity: transport up to 500 kg with ease thanks to its loading bucket and sturdy rubber tracks.
  • Peace of mind: Benefit from a 2-year parts warranty, for peace of mind.

Technical specifications Mini dumper CL05 MS

Mini dumper CL05 ED MS
Mini dumper CL05 ED MS

Longueur hors tout (lors du transport) Largeur hors tout (transport/travail) Hauteur totale (avec/sans toit) Rayon de braquage minimum Entraxe de piste Garde au sol minimale

Dimensions Globales 1517 mm 870 mm 1278 mm 0,95 m 520 mm 85 mm

Poids Capacité de chargement maximale Volume de chargement de la benne Pente maximale franchissable

Dimensions de travail 400 Kg 500 Kg (1040 X 730 X 590) 0,22 m3 20 degrés

Moteur Puissance Énergie Cylindrée Poids Capacité du réservoir de carburant Capacité du réservoir d'huile

Moteur Briggs & Stratton 130G 6,5 CV (4,8Kw / 3600tr/min) Essence Euro V 208 cc 16 Kg 3,1L 0,6L

Marque Composition

Soupape de commande multidirectionnelle Northern Hydraulics Clapet anti-retour de contre-pression, Vanne d'inversion de commande hydraulique, Soupape de décharge à action directe, Vanne d'inversion à commande électrique.

Marque Pression Couple maximal Vitesse de marche

Moteur de déplacement LIKE 20 Mpa 805 Nm 1.7 Km/h (1 vitesse)

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