When you invest in a new mini-excavator, it’s essential to have a set of accessories that will enable you to make the most of it and get the job done efficiently. At LEITE FRANCE, we have selected the essential accessories for mini-excavators. In this article, we present these essential tools that will help you optimize the use of your mini-excavator and complete all your projects.

Ripper tooth

Earth-moving buckets

Earthmoving buckets are essential accessories for digging and clearing. They are available in a range of sizes, to suit the needs of every job site.

20 cm earth-moving bucket

This compact bucket is ideal for precision work in confined spaces. It’s perfect for digging narrow trenches for electrical networks or pipes, as well as for landscaping work.

40 cm earth-moving bucket

The 40 cm bucket is a versatile accessory for medium-sized earthworks. It can be used to dig wider trenches and move large volumes of earth.

60 cm earth-moving bucket

This wider bucket is designed for major earthworks, such as creating foundations or excavating large surfaces. This accessory offers high load capacity and increased productivity.

100cm cleaning bucket

The cleaning bucket is an accessory designed to clean and level surfaces, removing debris and unwanted materials. With a width of 100 cm, it is ideal for finishing and levelling work, as well as for cleaning ditches and canals.

The ripper tooth

The ripper tooth is a very useful accessory for uprooting and decompacting work. It breaks up hard ground and rocks, making earthworks easier. It is also highly effective for removing tree roots and stumps.

The rake

The rake is an indispensable accessory for levelling and finishing surfaces. It levels and smoothes the ground after the bucket has passed over it, removing stones and debris. It is also useful for farmers, for clearing undergrowth, raking and distributing materials such as gravel, straw, manure or topsoil.

Forestry grapple or sorting grapple

The forestry grapple is a versatile accessory for handling and transporting branches, tree trunks and logs. It is particularly useful for skidding and pruning, and for cleaning up after felling. What’s more, the forestry grapple can also be used for riprap and material sorting, facilitating the handling of stones and debris on construction sites and landscaping projects.

The auger

The auger is a practical accessory for making deep, even holes in the ground, without any manual effort. It’s ideal for planting trees, setting posts or creating foundations for fences and retaining structures. Augers are available in different sizes and diameters, to suit your specific needs.

The hydraulic breaker (BRH)

The BRH is a powerful accessory for demolition work and breaking up rock and concrete. It is equipped with a hydraulic hammer that generates high-energy impacts to break up the hardest materials. The BRH is particularly useful for construction sites, roadworks and quarries.

The quick-release clip

The quick coupler is a fastening device that makes it quick and easy to change accessories on your mini-excavator. It simplifies the tool-changing process, saving you time and boosting productivity on the job site. Quick hitches are available in various sizes and models, to suit all types of mini-excavator and accessories.

Investing in the right mini-excavator accessories will help you get the most out of your machine, and get the job done more efficiently. The earthmoving bucket, cleaning bucket, ripping tooth, rake, forestry grapple, auger, BRH and quick hitch are all versatile, high-performance tools that will make your jobs easier and help you get the most out of your investment. At LEITE FRANCE, we are at your disposal to advise you on the choice of accessories best suited to your needs, and to support you in the care and maintenance of your mini-excavator. Please contact us to find out more.

Leite mini shovel auger

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