Are you the proud owner of one of our Leite France mini excavators? To ensure the smooth operation and longevity of your new equipment, we’ve provided this detailed maintenance guide. Following these instructions is crucial to keeping your machine in optimum working order, preventing problems before they occur and maintaining the validity of your warranty.

Leite CL12S mini excavator

Daily inspection

Before each use, carry out a visual inspection of your Leite France mini excavator. Look for signs of wear or damage on the tracks, check the hydraulic cylinders for oil leaks, and make sure all arm and bucket attachment points are tight.

Engine maintenance

The engine is the heart of your mini excavator and requires regular maintenance. Check the oil level every day, and change the oil every 250 to 500 hours of use, depending on the intensity of the work. Clean the air filter every 50 hours and replace it every 500 hours. Replace the oil filter on the CL18 (clean the strainer on the CL12) every time you change the oil.


After each cleaning, all pivot points, joints and axles must be relubricated. Regular lubrication reduces wear on parts, prolongs their life and ensures optimum performance from your mini excavator.

Tightening the axles

Daily use of your mini excavator may cause the pins to loosen. If these are not regularly checked and tightened, this can lead to excessive wear of parts, degraded machine performance, and potentially to safety problems. Regular re-tightening of the spindles is therefore essential to keep the mini excavator running smoothly and safely.

Hydraulic system maintenance

It’s vital to check the hydraulic oil level daily, and to change the oil and filters as recommended, i.e. every 500 to 1000 hours. Hydraulic hoses and fittings should be inspected regularly for leaks and signs of wear.

Caterpillar maintenance

Tracks should be cleaned after each use and their tension checked every 50 hours. If wear reaches 70% or more, it’s time to replace them.

Shutdown procedure

Before switching off your mini excavator, first reduce engine speed completely, then switch off the ignition and remove the key. This procedure helps preserve the battery by preventing excessive discharge or overvoltage.

Battery preservation

To keep your mini excavator’s battery in good condition, please :

  • Avoid leaving the machine idling for long periods, as this can drain the battery.
  • Use a battery charger when the mini-excavator is not used for long periods. This will help maintain the battery’s charge.
  • Switch off all electrical accessories (lights, etc.) before switching off the engine to avoid discharging the battery.

Cleaning after use

Thorough cleaning of your mini excavator is necessary after each use. Remove all dirt, mud and debris from the tracks, engine compartment and cab. Don’t forget to relubricate pivot points, joints and axles after each cleaning.

Seasonal maintenance

Maintenance of your mini excavator may vary according to the season. In winter, use special lubricants to protect your machine from the cold. In summer, make sure the cooling system is in good condition to prevent the engine from overheating.

Maintenance follow-up

It’s a good idea to keep a maintenance log to keep track of your mini-excavator’s service history. This will make it easier to plan future servicing and keep track of which parts have been replaced.

Failure to comply with these maintenance recommendations may invalidate the warranty on your mini excavator. If you have any questions about servicing your Leite France mini excavator, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you get the most out of your equipment.

New Leite mini excavator

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