Mini Excavator 1.2T CL 12 S


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Intracommunity VAT

Pull-out force : 1200 kg

Bucket capacity : 0,022m3

Power : 10 KW / 13.5 HP

Pump power : 16Mpa (160 Bars)

Pump capacity : 18l/min

Maximum excavation depth : 1670 mm

Engine : KOOP 192 F

Maximum torque : 25/2500 Nm/rev/min


“An all-purpose solution

The 1T2 CL12S mini excavator is the perfect tool for all your earthmoving and excavation projects. Compact, versatile and easy to manoeuvre, it is specially designed for a wide variety of tasks.

The 1T2 CL12S mini excavator is exceptionally well suited to a wide range of applications. Whether for small construction projects, landscaping, agricultural or earthmoving work, this 1T2 mini excavator will meet all your requirements.

Its great maneuverability means it can easily access restricted areas, which is often a challenge for larger equipment. What’s more, with a height of 2.03 m and a width of 93 cm, it’s perfectly sized to get through doorways and carry out interior work.

One of the strong points of the 1T2 CL12S mini excavator is its “boom offset” option, which offers greater flexibility when carrying out specific jobs. This makes it even more versatile than our CL12 fixed-arm model.

Whether you’re a construction professional or an independent contractor, the 1T2 CL12S mini excavator is the ideal equipment for all your excavation needs. Don’t wait any longer and take advantage of the power and efficiency of our 1T2 CL12S mini excavator.

Handling thumb mini excavator

Handling thumb option: 117 € HT

Add the “handling thumb” option and gain in efficiency…

The “handling thumb” is a mechanical device attached to the mini-excavator’s swing arm. It works in tandem with the bucket to create a grab that can grip, lift and move a variety of objects and materials, including wood, concrete, construction waste, rocks and much more.

Materials handling

The handling thumb turns the mini-excavator into a real mechanical hand. It can pick up and move objects of all shapes and sizes, from tree trunks for clearing, to concrete blocks for demolition work, to rocks for landscaping. This considerably increases the machine’s versatility, enabling it to perform tasks that would not be possible with a bucket alone.

Debris management

When it comes to demolition work or site clean-up, thumbs are particularly useful. It makes it easy to pick up and remove construction debris and waste. Its ability to grab and hold objects makes the cleaning process much faster and more efficient.

Improved work efficiency

With the handling thumb, tasks that previously required several machines or intensive manual labor can be carried out much more quickly and easily. For example, heavy materials can be handled and loaded without the need for additional manpower or specialized lifting equipment. What’s more, the handling thumb can be used to precisely move objects and materials in confined spaces, which is often difficult to achieve with other types of machine.

Take a look at our mini shovel…

Value-added all-inclusive package :


  • Supplied with a 40cm earthwork bucket to get started straight away.
  • Swivel boom for greater flexibility and manoeuvrability in tight spaces.
  • Canopy for optimum protection, complete toolbox and a set of filters FREE of charge, ensuring the long-term maintenance and efficiency of your machine.

Guarantee and ideal dimensions :


  • 24-month WARRANTY on parts, for total peace of mind on your projects.
  • Compact dimensions (2870mm930mm2285mm) allow easy use in tight spaces, while offering impressive digging capacities: maximum depth of 1670mm and maximum height of 2840mm.
CL12S Leite mini excavator technical diagram
CL12S Leite mini excavator technical diagram

Overall dimensions


Overall length (during transport)

2870 mm

Overall width (transport/work)

930 mm

Overall height (with/without roof)

2285 (2030) mm

Bulldozer loader

937 mm

Bulldozer height

210 mm

Track center distance

746 mm

Standard track shoe width

180 mm

Platform ground clearance

405 mm

Standard bucket width (with/without teeth)

380/330 mm

Track length

1200 mm

Runway width

180 mm

Working dimensions


Maximum excavation height

2840 mm

Maximum unloading fan

2082 mm

Maximum excavation depth

1670 mm

Maximum vertical arm digging depth

1605 mm

Maximum digging distance

3080 mm

Minimum turning radius of front end

1190 mm

Maximum excavation ground clearance

3020 mm

Maximum bulldozer blade height

170 mm

Maximum bulldozer blade depth

240 mm




Hydraulic pump

Pump capacity

Pump power

Hydraulic travel motor

Hydraulic turret rotary motor

Multi-directional control valve

Mechanical engineering

13.5 HP
Diesel EUROS
18 l/min
16 Mpa (160 bar)
Zhenjiang Vigorously
Northern Hydraulics